Helping you hire staff for the first time

Do you want to hire someone for your business? We have the resources to help you get it right.

Step 1: Hiring employees checklist

The Hiring employees checklist will help you meet Australian laws when hiring an employee and step you through the employment process.

The Hiring employees checklist will help you:

  • understand all mandatory government regulations and obligations when hiring
  • complete tasks in a logical order, such as:
    • assessing the impacts and costs
    • preparing your employee
    • paying your employee
    • superannuation and tax
    • records you need to keep
  • keep track of your progress by “ticking off” each step.

Use the Hiring employees checklist.

Hiring employees

Step 2: Employment Contract Tool

Now that you have found the right person to hire, you need to create the employment contract. The free Employment Contract Tool is designed to help small business owners confidently hire an employee, and it only takes around 10 minutes.

The Employment Contract Tool steps you through a series of simple questions to generate a contract with clauses that cover employee pay and conditions.

Build an employment contract that:

  • meets employment obligations
  • is tailored to your business needs
  • manages employee expectations
  • protects your business.

At the end, you’ll get a downloadable letter of offer and employment contract for your new employee.

Build an employment contract.

Create an employment contract

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