New Funding for Disability Employment Initiatives Announced

In a significant step towards advancing disability employment opportunities, the Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth, has announced a substantial funding injection of $26 million. This allocation will support various initiatives to enhance employment prospects for individuals with high support needs within the disability community. 

The funding encompasses several key programs, including the first round of the Structural Adjustment Fund, the Disability Employment Advocacy and Information Program, and a pioneering pilot of disability and employment expos. These initiatives, focused on addressing the recommendations of the Disability Royal Commission, mark a crucial milestone in the government’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment for individuals with disabilities. 

The Structural Adjustment Fund, which has allocated $14.9 million, will finance projects undertaken by 32 organizations dedicated to improving employment pathways for people with high support needs. These projects, spanning up to two years from July 1st, aim to facilitate transitions to open employment and enhance accessibility within the workforce. 

Furthermore, the Disability Employment Advocacy and Information Program, managed by Inclusion Australia and the Disability Advocacy Network Australia, will provide invaluable advocacy support and information to job seekers with high support needs, their families, and their carers. 

The ImpactInstitute will spearhead the disability employment expos pilot, designed to showcase the potential of workers with high support needs, tailor employment pathways, and forge connections with prospective employers. Minister Rishworth emphasized the importance of these programs in addressing the unique barriers faced by individuals with disabilities, particularly those with intellectual disabilities, in accessing meaningful employment opportunities. 

“We are committed to creating pathways to open employment and empowering individuals with disabilities to exercise their rights in the workplace,” stated Minister Rishworth during the announcement. 

National Disability Services (NDS) has expressed appreciation for the Commonwealth Government’s efforts in bolstering the supported employment sector and enhancing the quality of employment opportunities for individuals with high support needs. The ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in disability employment initiatives aligns with NDS’s vision of a more inclusive and equitable society. 

As the government continues to champion disability employment initiatives, Brighten Institute Australia (BIA) reaffirms its dedication to supporting individuals with disabilities through tailored certificate courses. By providing comprehensive training and education, the institute strives to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute meaningfully to the disability support workforce. 

With the government’s continued support and investment in disability employment initiatives, BIA looks forward to contributing to a more inclusive and equitable workforce for all Australians. 


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