New Video Guide Urges: “Stay Off Your Phone!” for Disability Support Workers”

In a bid to foster greater understanding and empathy among disability support workers, Advocacy WA, in collaboration with VALiD in Victoria, has launched a groundbreaking video titled “Stay Off your Phone!” The 15-minute video sheds light on the expectations of people with disabilities regarding the conduct of their support workers, particularly when navigating community settings.

Drawing from the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities, the video highlights common behaviors exhibited by support workers that may hinder meaningful engagement and communication with the outside world. One such behavior highlighted in the video is the preoccupation with mobile phones, which can detract from the support worker’s ability to fully attend to the needs of their clients.

The genesis of the video can be traced back to ideas generated in a Peer Action meeting in Melbourne, where individuals with disabilities expressed their desires for improved support practices in community settings. By providing firsthand accounts and insights, the video offers a unique perspective on the impact of support worker behavior on the daily lives of individuals with disabilities.

For disability support workers, “Stay Off your Phone!” serves as a valuable tool for self-reflection and improvement. By offering a glimpse into their practice from the perspective of those they support, the video prompts support workers to reassess their approach and consider how they can better meet the needs of their clients.

Accompanying the video is a comprehensive PDF guide, designed to complement the insights shared in the visual format. Both resources are freely accessible on Advocacy WA’s website, underscoring the organization’s commitment to fostering open dialogue and continuous improvement within the disability support sector.

Advocacy WA encourages support workers to not only view the video but also engage in meaningful conversations with the individuals they support regarding their expectations. By prioritizing open communication and active listening, support workers can enhance their practice and create more inclusive and empowering environments for individuals with disabilities.

At Brighten Institute Australia, we recognize the importance of equipping disability support workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality care and support. Through our certificate courses in Aged Care and Disability Support, we empower professionals to uphold best practices and cultivate meaningful relationships with those they support.

As advocates for excellence in disability support, Brighten Institute Australia applauds initiatives like “Stay Off your Phone!” that promote empathy, understanding, and collaboration within the sector. Together, we can strive to create a more inclusive and supportive society for individuals of all abilities.


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