Staying Ahead of Changing IR Laws: Three Strategies for Aussie Businesses

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for Australian businesses, which have been forced to adapt to rapidly evolving industrial relations (IR) laws amid unprecedented profitability and talent retention challenges. Workplace legislation has changed three times during this period, including the introduction of the ‘right to disconnect’ amendment, and businesses are struggling to keep up. Compliance has become a pressing concern as laws evolve faster than many can implement them.



For businesses of all sizes, a reactive approach is no longer viable. A forward-thinking strategy is essential to avoid hefty penalties and talent loss. Whether you’re a small business running out of hands or a large enterprise trying to oversee a complex operation, here are three ways to safeguard your company and stay ahead of the game.

1. Stay Informed

To stay ahead, you must understand the field you’re playing on. Regulatory bodies such as the Fair Work Commission, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Fair Work Ombudsman offer invaluable resources through newsletters and seminars. These should be mandatory for your HR team, regardless of business size.

Additionally, seeking advice from legal experts can provide insights into upcoming changes and their implications, helping you create a tailored process guide. You ensure your business is prepared for any regulatory shifts by staying informed.

2. Fit Audits into Your Calendar

Scheduling regular audits is crucial to ensure compliance. Set aside time every six months to review your practices, with additional audits for substantive law changes. While this may seem time-consuming, the costs of neglecting due diligence should be emphasised. Regular audits are a small price to avoid hefty penalties and potential talent loss.

By making audits routine, you ensure nothing slips through the cracks, maintaining your business’s integrity and operational efficiency.

3. Embrace Technology

Introducing new workflow tools may seem disruptive in a business landscape where all hands are on deck. However, there are cost-effective compliance solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. While onboarding may initially interrupt business as usual, the long-term benefits are substantial. Technology streamlines compliance processes, saving time and providing peace of mind.

Implementing the right tools ensures everything runs smoothly and above board, allowing you and your team to focus on core business operations.

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